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New adventures

Laatste wijzigingenPosted by Nico Thu, October 19, 2017 22:16:47

Are we ... impulsive ?? bwah ... ..

In our last article of May 12, 2017, you could read our future plans. I ended up with the sentence "But keep in mind that we are impulsive and that plans can change."

Well well ... they have changed and how!

We have made two important decisions. Snow Goose is currently in Portimao, Portugal. From here we had the perfect current to the Canary Islands where we would start crossing the Atlantic ... Now however, we decided to stay in Europe! So, for the time being, we are not going to the Caribbean and our boat will remain in Portimao for a number of months.

Coming Monday, October 23, after a stay of about 6 weeks here in Belgium, we travel back to Portugal with a ... camper. We bought a mobilhome! During the dark months, when Snow Goose is in hibernation, we would like to explore the country inland. And if we want to return to Belgium in between, we will always have our bed at hand.

So get ready for new adventures on four wheels

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